Features overview

🛠️ Various tips and tricks

  • escape key opens settings.
  • When the searchbar is enabled, typing anywhere will focus the searchbar. However, browsers focus their address bar by default, so you'll have to click anywhere on Bonjourr first.
  • When enabling the custom search engine option, the searchbar becomes compatible with all search engines, which includes things like YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%s).

You can add and import Quick Links from the settings, and edit them when you right click on them.

An easy way to add a custom icon to your Quick Link is to upload it on somewhere like Imgur, and use that link as an icon. You can also convert your icon to a Data URI (max 8kB).

⚠️ Notice: as a security measure, local paths like file://, browser settings links like about:config or chrome://extensions can't be added. However, localhost: links will work just fine.

🌄 About backgrounds

Bonjourr uses the Unsplash API to fetch its backgrounds. We select them manually and store them in four different collections that change according to the time of the day:

Custom Unsplash collection

You can make your own collection of images using Unsplash. To do so, you'll need to create an Unsplash account and add all your images to a new collection. Once you're pleased with your selection, you need the collection's ID present in its URL. You will spot it easily since it's the string of random letters and numbers. For example, if your collection's URL is https://unsplash.com/collections/2170139/wolfdogs-of-unsplash, the ID is 2170139.

Head back to Bonjourr and paste the ID in the Unsplash collection field. You can add multiple collections by separating them with a comma.

Local files

Switch your background type from Dynamic to Custom, and you'll be able to drag and drop your own images from your computer to Bonjourr.

☁️ Syncing

Bonjourr is compatible with the syncing features of both Firefox and Chrome. If you log into your Mozilla/Google account on your browser and enable syncing, Bonjourr should get synced to other instances of the same browser on other computers. This is true for all Bonjourr settings as well as Quick Links.