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Customizable startpage for your browser inspired by iOS

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What is Bonjourr?

Bonjourr is a new home page for your Internet browser, it's what appears every time you open a new window or a new tab. We got inspiration from the looks of iOS, and more specifically by the interface you get when waking up while using the Bedtime option.

It offers several features such as giving you your local time and weather, greeting you according to the time of the day and giving you the possibility to search on your favorite search engines.

Bonjourr is customizable, you can for example change its background, activate or deactivate certain elements, add Quick Links and of course, a dark mode is available. It is made to look minimal, but yet be both beautiful and practical to perfectly fit in your workflow, making you more productive an more serene.

Bonjourr is available in both english and french.

Use in Safari

Since Bonjourr is an open source project made during our free time, our budget is limited. Unfortunately, Apple requires developers to pay if they want to publish a Safari extension, which we don't want to do as of right now. You can still use Bonjourr in Safari by following the steps below.

  • 1. Download here and unzip the Bonjourr package.
  • 2. Place the Bonjourr folder in a location you'll remember, for example your Documents folder.
  • 3. Open the preferences in Safari. In the General menu, set the New windows open with and New tabs open with options to Homepage.
  • 4a. Then, set the homepage path below to the location of index.html in the Bonjourr folder. For example, if you previously put it in your Documents folder, the path will be /Users/username/Documents/Bonjourr/index.html. Don't forget to change username in the path with your profile's username.
  • 4b. Or, if you want, you can also use the online version of Bonjourr ( instead. You'll get automatic updates, but you will lose speed and offline access.
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    Most of our backgrounds come from Unsplash, a great stock photography website. We also use the Unsplash API for our Dynamic background option. You'll find the links to the original pictures bellow.


    Bonjourr syncs your user preferences with your Google Chrome or Firefox account. It does not collect any data. Bonjourr only needs one permission, browser storage. You can choose to setup the weather based on your location.