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Browsers and platforms

Currently not available

  • Safari iOS & iPadOS (will be available eventually)
  • Vivaldi shows a blank page, currently no solution (see issue #213)
  • Firefox Mobile does not allow its homepage to be modified, mentioned in issue #267

Opera browser

Opera does not allow extensions to modify its new tab. While there is no official statement, we believe this is because ads on their speed dial is a good revenue source for them.

Opera new tab workaround

  • First empty your current speed dial so that it shows a dark blank page.
  • You then need to install a third-party extension that can replace your current active tab. For now, we found that only New Tab Start Page works correctly. We are not affiliated with them!
  • Click on the Bonjourr icon, it should reveal its full URL in the address bar.
  • Setup the third-party extension with Bonjourr's URL, and we're done!